So why should you hire me to be your wedding videographer?

Quite simply I love what I do and I believe I make that come across in my videography. I have ventured across London, Surrey and beyond for new ways to express my creativity over the years and see just how far I can stretch my videography knowledge. However none of the projects I have made in the past have compared to the pure enjoyment I get from making wedding videos. As cheesy as it sounds it really doesn’t feel like work to me. From that magical “I do” until the very end when I hand over your day on a disk I have always got a smile on my face.

Wedding Videos are a great opportunity, not just for me but also for all the happy couples out there that desperately need a piece of their wedding day that they can hold onto forever. Rest assured I am just as happy at a wedding as the rest of the guests. Being part of your day is an honour and a privilege and I cant wait to give you the chance to re-watch your day all over again.

We've all been to those weddings where the wedding video was under the responsibility of Uncle Bob and his new camcorder he got for Christmas but unless you know what you are doing it will unfortunately lead to unhappy results. Such examples being that the bride and groom are consistently out of focus (classic) or the best mistake that wins the've left the lens cap on! (Trust me this happens more than it should. A true nightmare for any videographer).

 Anything that can go wrong will go wrong in most cases and the best way to avoid this upset is to hire a professional wedding videographer to ensure nothing goes wrong with your video and the end result will be a complete reflection of what you remembered from that special day, including some details that you may have missed entirely. That’s what is so great about my unobtrusive style as I try to capture as much of the day as possible and don’t exclude any of the finer details. Remember its the small things that make the big things happen.

Tanima & Jens Wedding

I try to be as discreet as possible during my videography process as it not only helps put you at ease (I mean who really wants a camera shoved in their face all the time), but it dramatically helps me as a videographer in the long run as I tend to get the most natural shots of the day through this approach. This means I only get real and authentic shots, nothing overly staged or set up (with exception to the ceremony and speeches) so all we get from everyone are pure real reactions which always look fantastic in the final video. Its almost as if I wasn’t even there.

I don't just create videography for London weddings!

Although I am a videographer based in the London and Surrey area I will always aim to travel to any wedding location in the UK and abroad and although I will ask expenses for wedding venues that are further to travel to I will always include any persoanl expenses on my part for any wedding taking place in London, Surrey or the South East.

I also offer a free consultation service and whenever possible I would like to meet the bride and groom either at the venue prior to the wedding or at a location of their choice to discuss the timings of the days events and what they specifically require for their individual wedding video. This helps us all to get on the same page and to establish trust between us. You should never meet your photographer or videographer for the first time on the day of the wedding! If meeting in person isn’t an option then I would love to have a Skype call with you to discuss your wedding day in more detail and to answer any questions you may have.

I have worked with some amazing photographers around London, Surrey and all over the United Kingdom whilst filming weddings so if you are currently stuck in your hiring process and need some recommendations for the best of the best then please let me know and I’ll be happy to provide for you a list of trusted photographers. Many of whom are personal friends of mine who I trust 100% and we would be happy to combine both services into one whole package.

 I am lucky in this industry to have had the opportunity to shoot at some beautifully stunning wedding venues within London and the rest of the uk so if you've made it this far but still don't have a venue locked down Im sure I will be able to recommend a suitable location for you. Just state in the contact form that you are still on the lookout for a venue. I am after all here to make your day as hassle free as possible.

I fully acknowledge that every wedding will have different requirements so I always encourage customisation wherever possible.

I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to do something that I love doing as an occupation and I cant wait to meet you and be a part of your big day.